Anime Expo: The Premier Fan Experience (Part 4) – Guest Panels & Premier Lines Hit the Motherlode

By: Mithrandiel

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Just spent the last 12 hours on the floor at Anime Expo, and what a blast it’s been! Celebrating its 25th anniversary, AX has brought a staggering amount of talent here to LA. Of course, these guests will be holding panels discussing their careers, screening new projects and otherwise entertaining their fans. It’s the access to these panels are at the center of today’s monumental shift in value for the premier fan badge.

Photo Jul 01, 10 12 05 AM

Veterans of major conventions like Comic-Con know just how time consuming getting into the biggest panels can be. Hours of standing in line to secure a spot, all the while missing convention activities.

For premier fans, however, it’s a different experience. Last night I went to the Toonami industry panel approximately 15 minutes before it was supposed to open. The general admission line wrapped around the building and was capped pretty early for a 1500 person panel room. Being premier, however l, I was able to get in a line of ~75 people and secure a spot near the front with ease.

Photo Jul 01, 7 55 45 PM

This was my experience all day yesterday, and while it wasn’t a particularly panel-heavy day, the convenience has thrown some significant value behind the premier badge’s hefty price-tag.

In addition to the panel privileges, one of the biggest claims to fame for premier fans is early access to Anime Expo’s sprawling Exhibit Hall on Day 1.

With over 400 vendors, the Anime Expo exhibit hall is a shopping utopia for fans: offering a wide variety of goods, whether you’re looking to pick up your favorite anime on Blu-ray or a limited edition art book, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for.

Getting into the hall an hour early meant first dibs on convention exclusives, as well as an early pass on industry guest autograph sessions. I used the opportunity to take in as much of the hall as I could, as well as picking up an industry autograph session with Christopher Sabat and Justin Briner, the English voices of All-Might and Midoriya in My Hero Academia.* 

Photo Jul 01, 11 02 11 AM


Photo Jul 01, 11 02 09 AM


Photo Jul 01, 11 11 24 AM

Being my first time utilizing premier benefits, I’m sure I could’ve made much more use of my time, as the hour certainly seemed to drag on, giving premier fans ample opportunity to get their shopping done in a much less congested environment.

Photo Jul 01, 11 11 14 AM

Overall, Day 1 was all it took for me to see the full value behind this premier badge. Could improvements be made to the program? Absolutely. An autograph voucher, higher quality swag bag contents, more clearly defined benefits/rules and areas for premier fans to line up…these are just a few ways they could step up their game to cater to fans committed to investing so much of their hard earned cash to this event.

That being said, the event ticket, early access to exhibit hall and most importantly, the front-of-line privileges for panels, takes the value of this badge over the top for me. When so much of enjoying a con has to do with your management of time, being able to free up literally hours upon hours of time not having to wait in lines for panels gives you the freedom to see more things and experience the convention to its fullest.

Photo Jul 01, 11 52 34 AM

I will continue to be covering the con over the weekend. Tomorrow I have approximately 5 panels I’ll be going to, so I’ll be sure to keep you all updated!

Until next time, the ticker has been updated:

Value: $375/375

Anyone else at Anime Expo? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord server!


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  1. Kelly Walker says:

    Excellent review. Not quite as amusing a your Premiere Badge rant at the JW Marriot on Saturday eve. I think you are entirely correct on the value of saving time. I would have ganked you if you had dared waltz by me on the yellow premiere line while I was at the height of my anguish in the infinitesimally incremental line for will call ticketed events.

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