Aho Girl Episodes 9 – 11 (Review)

By: EyeSpyeAlex

Summer is rapidly coming to an end, which means an end to summer anime. While I am happy for fall to be here, I am sad to see Aho Girl go. But, I am all caught up on the latest episodes, and they have been fantastic! Also in need of catching up? Check out my review of episode 8 here!

It’s cultural festival time! With Eimura and her friends leading the event, Yoshiko feels the call to assist. She suggests they all spend the night at school to work on their event. This sounds like a good idea in theory. However, in practice, they end up playing video games and goofing off the entire time. Still, their maid cafe goes off without a hitch!

Furthering their friendship, Yoshiko assists Eimura in piercing her ears…sort of. She really just presses Eimura’s hand closed, resulting in one pierced ear. Eimura and her gang also join Yoshiko, A-kun, and Sayaka for karaoke. What should be a good time results in an existential crisis for Sayaka over the size of her boobs. Poor Sayaka can’t ever catch a break!

Also encountering some drama is the Morals President. After turning down a potential suitor, Yoshiko convinces her to let the guy cop a feel. For the memories. Just as this guy is about to reach second base, A-kun walks by. Embarrassed, the President thigh slams the guy into the ground and runs off. Later on, the President runs into Yoshie while trying to befriend Ruri. Yoshie catches onto her ploy of trying to get closer to A-kun, and attempts to de-brief her. With a bunch of fancy footwork, Ruri ends up going commando without realizing. Yoshie admits she has met her match in the President and the two part ways.

The trouble doesn’t stop there for Ruth though. After failing yet another test, Yoshiko helps Ruri try to figure out what she’s good at. Through trial, and a lot of error, the two settle on bike riding. When Ruri fails again and decides to work all night to succeed. Yoshiko comments that she must be the hardest worker in the world, lifting Ruri’s spirits.

Yoshiko also manages to get into a few adventures with Dog and her playground friends. While on an adventure with Dog, she ends up racing a motorcyclist. By laying flat against Dog, Yoshiko is able to get through any wind resistance and win! Later on, Yoshiko plays dolls with her playground friends. They all act out a harrowing drama, complete with romance, death, rebirth, and giant lizards. The show they put on is truly a masterpiece, and deserves to win an award.

Later on, Yoshiko plans on taking Dog for a walk and ditching school. A-kun thwarts her plan and drags her to school before she can leash Dog back up. This allows Dog to go off on an adventure! Dog picks a flower, planning on bringing it to Pome-chan. However, he ends up side-tracked, and saves a boy from drowning, and another from getting hit by a car. He ends his day by thwarting a bank robbery, and gives the flower to a crying child. While he is unable to prove himself a suitor to Pome-chan, Dog does prove he is man’s best friend!

While some of us hear are excited about pumpkin season, Yoshiko has her sights set on a different novelty drink. Yoshiko is obsessed with the sold out Banana Froppeccino Deluxe. Ryuuichi vows to help her find one, and the two search high and low for a store selling them. Sadly, Ryuuichi gets beat up by some students from Dick High school. They buy the last one, hate it, and throw it away in front of him. Yoshiko vows to avenge Ryuuichi and the fallen Froppeccino, and tracks the students down. Like a Punisher of Potassium, Yoshiko defeats the students with banana-based attacks. In the end, she is able to avenge the Froppeccino and her fallen friend.

At eleven episodes in, Aho Girl still feels fresh and funny. Yoshiko’s antics and adventures are still hilarious and unique. Despite similar situations happening each episode, I think we’re seeing the characters grow. Yoshiko continues to make new friends and tries to help people. Next week is the season finale, and I, interested in seeing how they wrap up the show.

Fans can watch the season finale of Aho Girl on Tuesday, exclusively on Crunchyroll.

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