Aho Girl Episodes 1 – 2

By: EyeSpyeAlex

The summer anime season is finally upon us! While most would rather spend their time outside, I spend my time watching anime. Specifically, Aho Girl – which is predominantly set in the classroom. Let me tell you, this anime is hilarious and I have no regrets watching a school anime during the summer.

Aho Girl follows Yoshiko Hanabatake, an energetic highschooler who is both socially and academically inept. Yoshiko prides herself on the zeroes she earns in school, and is obsessed with bananas. She spends most of her time bothering her childhood friend, Akuru “A-Kun” Akutsu, who is much more studious than her. The two befriend their fellow classmate Sayaka Sumino, who is extremely quiet and sweet, rounding out their group nicely.

Yoshiko’s stupidity and lackadaisical demeanor often serves as a learning tool as to why you should always work hard. When Yoshiko takes a break from studying to play with a group of young kids, they view her as cool. However, when A-kun mentions that Yoshiko consistently earns zeroes because all she does is goof off, they quickly leave to do work. A-kun’s younger sister, Ruri, also views Yoshiko’s life as a cautionary tale. While Ruri also frequently scores zeroes, she does her best to study, which she feels sets her apart from Yoshiko.

Yoshiko’s crush on A-kun also gets the both of them in trouble from time to time. She gives A-kun a magazine of women in lingerie with her face glued over theirs, which he declines accepting. However, the school’s morale chairwoman catches them with the magazine and accuses A-kun of indecency. Yoshiko declares that the chairwoman’s boobs are both impressive and the only thing causing indecency in their school. She then proceeds to grope the chairwoman…several times.

The show has several shorts in each episode, most of which take place at Yoshiko’s high school. This anime is based on a 4-panel manga, and I definitely think the style works best for the humor. Each gag or joke packs a good punch because it isn’t stretched out over the standard twenty minutes. This also is a good way to keep Yoshiko’s stupidity fresh, as any longer amount of time would leave it feeling stale or annoying.

I am really excited to see where how the show progresses. The storytelling and animation style reminds me of a more grown-up version of one of my favorite shows: Azumanga Daioh. If you’re looking for a short show with a lot of humor, I definitely recommend Aho Girl. Aho Girl is currently available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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