Aho Girl Episode 8 (Review)

By: EyeSpyeAlex

Love is in the air in this week’s latest episode of Aho Girl. From the bad gals, to Boob Principal, to Dog; everyone has been bitten by the love bug. Surprisingly, love and relationships is an area Yoshiko has knowledge in. Before we delve in, catch up on last week’s episode with my review here.

In this week’s episode, Yoshiko gives more dating advice to people who didn’t ask for it. Upon finding out that bad girl Kuroko Shiina has a boyfriend, Yoshiko asks for all the details. She soon learns that Kuroko hasn’t admitted her feelings to her boyfriend yet. Yoshiko tells Kuroko that boys need to hear about feelings, so she sneaks off to call him. Kuroko’s private moment is interrupted by Yoshiko, who gleefully yells to the heavens the details of Kuroko’s conversation.

Also assisting others with relationship advice is Sayaka. When she once again catches the Moral President watching A-kun, she asks her about her feelings. The President admits she likes A-kun, and asks Sayaka how she thinks A-kun feels about her. Sayaka initially says that A-kun probably thinks the President is crazy. However, once the President becomes upset, lies and says A-kun is nearly in love with her. Oh Sayaka, maybe Yoshiko will teach you about giving relationship advice!

This week’s episode also showed us that love is going to the dogs, literally. Sayaka invites Yoshiko and Dog over to meet her dog, Pome-chan. The meeting causes Dog to fall head over paws in love with Pome-chan. While Pome-chan rebuffs Dog’s bone present, she repays him with a tap on the paw. All of this romance is something that Yoshiko mistakes for a dog fight. I guess her knowledge of love and relationships is limited to humans.

Most of this episode is spent going over relationships. But, Yoshiko also takes the time to teach us all a lesson in frugality. While helping her playground friends decide what snacks to get for a school trip, she reminds them to be pragmatic. They shouldn’t go for the costly Pocky, but several cheaper snacks, as quantity is more important. The boys agree, but Nozomi surges ahead and buys the Pocky. After their purchases, the boys and Yoshiko realize what a mastermind Nozomi is. With her Pocky, Nozomi now has trading power to get more snacks than if she had purchased a cheaper one. In this instance, the student surpasses the master, and they all learn about the art of the deal.

Every week I find myself impressed with how well this show keeps my interest. Yoshiko’s life and antics continue to stay fresh and amusing. While there isn’t a consistent plot, it doesn’t feel like the show is missing anything. As long as Aho Girl is on, Tuesday’s will continue to be my favorite day of the week.

New episodes of Aho Girl stream every Tuesday on Crunchyroll.

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