Aho Girl Episode 7 (Review)

By: EyeSpyeAlex

Summer is slowly winding down. This latest episode of Aho Girl reminds us that school is right around the corner. Yoshiko shows us that being back in the classroom doesn’t mean the fun needs to stop. Missed my last review? Catch it here!

This episode teaches us more about romantic and platonic relationships. Surprisingly, Yoshiko is knowledgeable in the area of romance and the art of wooing. After encouraging her advisor to jump into the dating pool, Yoshiko learns that her advisor lacks confidence. This leads Yoshiko to dress as a boy and flirt with her advisor, which is what any normal person wouldn’t do. The unusual tactic works, and Yoshiko’s advisor is brimming with confidence and ready to find a man!

What Yoshiko has for knowledge in romantic relationships, she lacks in friendships. She grows attached to a group of “bad girls” in her class, none whom want anything to do with her. The group slyly tries to get rid of Yoshiko by asking her to be the first to hide in a game of hide and seek. Their pride at ridding themselves of Yoshiko soon turns to fear as Yoshiko is absent the following three days. When Sayaka tells the teacher that she texted Yoshiko who informed her she’s playing hide and seek do they realize what they’ve gotten themselves into. They frantically search the school, and accidentally find Yoshiko hiding in a storm grate. She excitedly tells them how much fun she had, before running home to eat, leaving the girls in confusion and awe.

Yoshiko may struggle with relationships, but she’s not nearly as hopeless as A-kun. A-kun, while very intuitive around animals, is clueless with people. He understands that Yoshiko’s dog loves them both too much to choose between the names the two chose for him. However, he is clueless as to why Ruri would be upset that he got her a book on succeeding without a college degree for her birthday.

One thing I really like about Aho Girl is how all of the characters are dumb in their own way. Yoshiko is emotionally intelligent, but intellectually dense. A-kun is her foil. Even the supporting characters like Sayaka and the advisor; while both good at empathy, are “dumb” when it comes to being confident. It adds a layer of depth to the show that I wasn’t expecting. I look forward to seeing how all of these characters succeed and fail in future episodes!

New episodes of Aho Girl stream Tuesday’s on Crunchyroll.

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