Aho Girl Episode 4 (Review)

By: EyeSpyeAlex

Tuesday’s used to be a day of the week I didn’t care much about. It was the uphill struggle before the downhill ride towards the weekend. Then Aho Girl started. Now, I eagerly await each Tuesday, anticipating the adventures of Yoshiko. Missed my review of last week’s episode? Catch it here!

The theme of this week seems to be relationships, as it was a major focus in several shorts. This refers to platonic, romantic, and the mentoring types of relationships common in day to day life. Surprisingly, Yoshiko isn’t the only one who struggles when it comes to relationships. Ryuichi – the bully turned friend of Yoshiko – desperately wants to be friends with A-kun. His overzealousness does end with him and A-kun connected, but with Ryuichi has a lackey rather than equal.

Meanwhile, Yoshiko’s idiocy has a very different effect on her relationships with her younger friends. Yoshiko and her playground friends attend a “Hero Show” at a local park. The two young boys want their young female friend to get over her idolization of Yoshiko. This backfires when Yoshiko volunteers the girl to be “held hostage” by the shows’ villain. Yoshiko, suddenly forgetting it’s fake, attempts to save the girl. This causes the boys to save their friend, lest she end up worshipping Yoshiko more.

Still, in an almost Forrest Gump-like manner, Yoshiko understands when she’s dumb enough to not understand certain things. Unfortunately, this revelation has negative impacts for those around her. When her teacher attempts to teach Yoshiko about a character’s emotions in a question, it backfires horribly. Yoshiko flips it around asking the teacher if she’s ever been in love. When the teacher answers no, Yoshiko then asks her how she could possibly know how the character is feeling. This causes the teacher to have an existential crisis, leading her to hit on A-kun. Poor A-kun can’t ever catch a break.

While Yoshiko may not understand the complexities of love, she knows she likes bananas and A-kun a lot. Enough that she agrees to team up with Boob Principal to figure out what to get A-kun for his birthday. Together, the two and Sayaka sneak into A-kun’s room while he sleeps to figure out a present. Their idiocy leads to a squabble, which wakes A-kun and angers Sayaka into getting them all to apologize.

Aho Girl continues to deliver awesome episodes week after week. As I’ve said before, the vignette style episodes only helps enhance the comedy. The formula keeps the material fresh and always keeps me laughing. I’m not left wanting a solid plot or storyline, which I think would make the characters feel flat. Yoshiko’s anctics have me looking forward to Tuesday’s, and makes the rest of the week much more bearable.

New episodes of Aho Girl stream on Tuesday’s on Crunchyroll.

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