Aho Girl Episode 3 (Review)

By: EyeSpyeAlex

While I myself am not overly fond of bananas, I am overly fond of Aho Girl. I couldn’t wait for it to be Tuesday again so I could watch Yoshiko and her antics. The correlation of Yoshiko’s idiocy to hilarity was high in this episode. Missed my last review? Catch it here!

This week’s episode showed us more of Yoshiko’s home life and her relationship with her mother, Yoshie. It also gave insight as to why Yoshiko behaves the way she does towards A-kun. Yoshie knows that Yoshiko isn’t bright, and is trying to secure Yoshiko’s future (and her retirement) with the right guy. That guy happens to be A-kun, and she will do anything and everything to ensure he and Yoshiko end up together.

Which is why when Yoshie sees the beautiful Sayaka, she immediately demands to see her panties. This is to determine Sayaka’s purity and intent towards a relationship with A-kun, y’know, like normal people don’t do. Together, the mother-daughter duo brow beat and assault Sayaka until she relents and shows them her panties. Similar to the magic mirror from Snow White, seeing Sayaka’s panties makes Yoshie realize she is of pure heart. Now realizing Sayaka is not a threat to her match-making attempts, she happily accepts the trio’s friendship.

Yoshie’s influence into her daughter’s life doesn’t end there. When A-kun is moping over poor test grades, Yoshiko knows she has to help. She decides to cheer him up just like her mom cheers up her dad. This involves handcuffing A-kun and treating him like a baby, including attempting to nurse him. It’s unclear whether Yoshiko is aware of the sexual overtones of the act, but she is wholly committed to it. While I hope A-kun catches a break, a part of me doesn’t because the pair are hilarious.

The rest of the episode focuses on Yoshiko’s headstrong behavior, and commitment to her interests. At one point, she rides and then body slams a dog into submission. In another, she drags Sayaka across the country to visit a banana farmer. This is so she can tell him how wonderful his domestic bananas are in person. Once their mission is completed (in a matter of minutes) they head back home.

This episode was great in all aspects. The humor was on point. The segments were unique and captivating. There was even some translation humor thrown in (Middleuv Nowhare Station). It felt like a very well-rounded episode. I am eagerly awaiting next week to watch more!

New episodes of Aho Girl are available on Tuesdays on Crunchyroll.

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