Aho Girl Episode 12 (Review)

By: EyeSpyeAlex

The day has finally come. We are at the season finale of Aho Girl. I weep for what my Tuesdays will be like without this shining example of comedy to brighten my day. I have really enjoyed the whole season, and like that they saved the origin story for last. Want to catch up on the previous episode? Read my review of it here!

The season finale of Aho Girl gave us something we’ve all been waiting for: the story of how Yoshiko and A-kun met. The pair met ten years ago, when they were both five. Yoshiko and Yoshio had just moved to the neighborhood, and were out meeting the new neighbors. Rambunctious and playful, Yoshiko immediately latches onto A-kun as a playmate and best friend. Both their parents are delighted in their children having a friend. Only A-kun is wary and uninterested in the current situation.

Unfortunately, A-kun’s fate as Yoshiko’s love interest is sealed on the day he feeds her. A-kun is the one that gives Yoshiko her first banana (the symbolism is not lost on me). Yoshiko is immediately obsessed with bananas, which then extends to A-kun. She assumes that he gave her something so wonderful because he loves her, and plans on returning the favor. Much to A-kun’s horror, Yoshiko kisses him.

That fateful day was the beginning of A-kun’s hatred of Yoshiko. He does everything in his power to avoid her, or to get her to leave him alone.  A-kun begins training, hoping that he can get strong enough to knock her out of her habit. He works so hard that he falls ill, and Yoshiko is there to watch over him. A-kun finds out from his mom that Yoshiko sat with him all night, which warms his heart. Just as he’s about to change his mind about Yoshiko, his mom tells him that Yoshiko gave him kisses all night to get sick as well. This knowledge reignites his disgust with Yoshiko.

Instead of trying to beat her with fists, A-kun tries to beat her with a girl’s worst enemy: her least favorite things. He learns Yoshiko hates perverts, and immediately adopts lecherous behavior. He corners Yoshiko in his room, only realizing he has made a horrible mistake when she begins to cry. Yoshiko’s tears suddenly stop and she tells A-Kun she accepts he can’t control himself around a pretty girl. She gifts him with his her panties before leaving, thus starting the saga of their friendship.

Most shows try to shoehorn the origin story into the middle of the show. Typically, it’s a clip show style episode that screams “filler”. The season finale of Aho Girl was more than that. There was a reason to know how and why someone like Yoshiko became friends with A-kun. There was a reason to know why A-kun continues to put up with this behavior. It felt fresh and funny, and like a perfect ending to the season.

While this season of Aho Girl is done, there are still ways for fans to enjoy all of Yoshiko’s antics. All of season one is available both on Crunchyroll and VRV platforms. Fans can also catch up on the Aho Girl manga, which is being published by Kodansha USA.

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