ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.

By: EyeSpyeAlex

I’m here with a winter anime ACCA: 13 – Territory Inspection Dept, which managed to slip past me. Usually I’m much better about knowing the popular and good anime. I unfortunately missed this one, and now have to make up for lost time. ACCA: 13 – Territory Inspection Dept. is a phenomenal anime which was being showcased at Anime Boston.

Our story follows Jean Otus, who is the vice-chairman of the Inspection Dept. at ACCA 13. ACCA 13 refers to the group of peacekeepers in each district of the Dowa Kingdom. Nearly 100 years ago the region was divided into thirteen different districts, each with it’s own autonomy. The king rules over all of the districts and the agents of ACCA 13 keep the peace and protect the citizens in their districts. Jean Otus and his Inspection department are the bureaucrats keeping the system alive. Jean and his department work to ensure that no illegal activity is occurring within the organization and within the kingdom. They squash illegal cigarette tradings that occur, and have been occurring with increasing instances. It’s also their job to make sure that the employees are representing the kingdom and themselves respectfully, and Jean is good at sniffing at phonies.

While it seems like there should be peace and harmony in the region, there is a buzz of discontent that is growing. The Inspection Department goes from being terminated to being reinstated in the blink of an eye, for reasons that are never made quite clear to Jean. On top of that, the five chief offices of ACCA have heard word of a potential coup. This news worries them immensely, particularly Chief Officer Grossular. While the other chief execs try to figure out who and why someone would do this, Chief Grossular suspects that Jean is behind the coup and is having him followed to see if he is riling people up. Is Jean planning to stage a coup? Only time will tell.

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. is a great anime with a great premise so far. It has set up an interesting world. It also has a problem that is unheard of for an anime set in modern times. It is a very dialogue heavy show, but the voice acting and script help carry the story well. The mood and atmosphere is set by a nice and funky opening song. Moods are heightened in certain scenes using a mellow jazz guitar, and it reminded me of older shows from my childhood. I will definitely be watching more of ACCA.

Want to watch it for youself? ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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