91 Days: Episode 5 Review

By: Scarlette

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No need to worry geeks, Rae will be back next week but for episode 5 you’re going to have to deal with me! That being said, episode 5 of 91 Days delivers. (Honestly, this series just consistently delivers) The plot continues to move along, but not in a big flashy kind of way that you think mafia stories would do–Instead episode 5 of 91 Days does an excellent job of moving the over all plot along in a subtle way, as the cast of character navigate the political landscape of the mafia wars, all the while your main character is determining what is the best course of action so he plans for revenge stay in motion.

What was quite enjoyable about this episode 5 was that you’re starting to see that there are no particular “bad guy” or “good guys” in this show. Everyone is violent, in the grey, all struggling to deal with the themes of loyalty, survival, and vengeance; and that’s suppose to be the point. We see that “Avilio” is beginning to form a bond with Nero–its so evident that Colteo is sensing this as well, he notices the slight differences in Avilio’s body language and behavior. He confronts his friend, putting him back into check, asking if his revenge is really going to happen? Keep your enemies close, Avilio, but not that close where you cant pull the trigger.




The character development is great in this episode because we’re seeing all kinds of sides to  Avilio, Colteo, and Nero. Everyone seems to understand their roles in each of the plots and sub plots, and we get to see real progression be made. As Nero begins to let his defenses down, the audience watches as Avilio comes one step closer to getting his vengence, but also possibly seeing a future struggle. Avilio becomes closer to Nero with each passing episode, each building a bond with the other, and as Colteo (the ultimate loyalist) watches in concern for his good friend. I think its pretty clear that Nero and Avilio are supposed to form a relationship with the other, and that the internal struggle Avilio will have to pull the trigger will come at some point; but what keeps me interested is Coleto. He is a wild care in the entire situation. As we see in this episode, Coleto is very observant–but will he be the friend to keep reminding Avilio to stick to the plan, or does he run the chancce of becoming jealous of the relationship Nero and Avilio have, that Coleto will go rouge and betray his friend? Or, will Coleto do what all loyal friends do? Stick with Avilio, even if he knows he’s too close to the enemies for his own good, and end up making the sacrifice to ensure Avilio meets his end goal.

Gah, the character development is so good in this episode–everyone can go alot of different ways, continuing to make the story interesting.

Another high point in the episode is that we learn Farte, Nero’s brother, just tried executing him without their father permission. Dude. Your little brother just tried to murder you, what now?

I mean, this part of the plot didn’t stun me, but it was nice to see happen because it puts a twist in mafia dynamics. At the start of the series, its one family against the other, now we’re at a mid point and each mafia family is having internal struggles. Everyone seems to be fighting a war on all sides. As the audience, we know things are about to get really mess, and we have some serpents lying in wait, ready to strike.


Revenge is back on track

After little brother  Farte tries to murder big brother Nero, Nero’s gang goes into hiding because it isnt safe for them anywhere….Except on the island, because Fango is holed up on there with his own loyal men, and not paying any heed to what his family Don is telling him. That’s because Fango wants to take over the Orrco family. Avilio, who knows they have their backs against the wall, and cant have anyone killing Nero because you know revenge is something you do yourself, goes to Fango to strike a deal. Hide Nero and his friends, in return they will deliver Don Orrco to Fango so he can take control of the family.

The enemy of my enemy, is my friend.

91 Day continue to deliver solid episodes, with excellent pacing and character development. Episode 5 highlights all the great story telling that is happening in 91 Days, show casing the power of layered plots and what well defined and growing characters can do.


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